Technical Services

Domain Registration

Are you starting a business? Do you have an idea for the next big website?

A domain name (or maybe a few!) is absolutely necessary to reserve your place on the web. At $14.99 per domain name plus the cost of the domain,1 I can help you get your domain registered and set up properly with advice on registrars and domain hosting providers.2

Email Setup

Do you want an email address to use your company’s domain or a professional-looking personal address?

At $14.99 per domain name plus the cost of email hosting, I can set up email service for your domain so you can start using you@domain addresses.3

Website Setup

Do you need your own website for your business or hobby?

I can build your website for you using the software of your choosing.4 If you would like new software to be written for your site, see below. Get in touch for a quote.

Server Hosting

Do you need a place online for your business but don’t want to deal with all of the issues that come with self hosting?

For $59.99 plus the cost of hosting5, I can set up a hosting solution for you. This includes advice on which providers to use based on your needs and the installation and configuration of necessary software on the server.

Software Development

Does the software on the market just not fulfill your needs? Or maybe you have an idea you want made?

As a Computer Science graduate from the University of Arizona with several years of experience, I’m worth my salt when it comes to software development. Get in touch for a quote.

Currently supported languages are: Java, C, C++, Lua, HTML, PHP, Python, and Kotlin. Currently supported platforms are Windows, macOS, and Linux machines running on x86 or x86_64 instruction sets.

1. Domain names are registered on a yearly fee basis. Minimum registration is one year while the maximum for most top level domains is ten years. Failing to renew your domain prior to expiration will result in it becoming publicly-available.
2. Your domain name must not be owned by anyone else in order to register it. If it is already registered, you must select another name.
3. Email services require a domain name to use. This can be one you already own or one registered through the domains service.
4. While not required, I strongly recommend using a domain with your website for ease of use. Websites require hosting to run which I can provide through the hosting service.
5. Server hosting is typically sold at a monthly or hourly rate. Many hosts have moved to an hourly usage rate (“cloud”) system which is typically the same monthly price without the commitment.