Support Services

All of my support services are performed on site in the comfort of your home. If you would prefer it be done elsewhere, let me know and we can work something out.

All services are billed at a standard rate of $40 per hour.

Tech Advice

Having trouble with using your device to its fullest potential?

I can work with you to better your understanding of your device.

Software Setup

Do you have some new software that you need help installing?

I can set up and configure the software on your new device.


Having software or hardware troubles?

I can diagnose and repair issues with software on your device.

If your problem is with hardware, I can repair it with the added cost of replacement parts.


Do you need a computer upgrade?

I can install a new device or computer part for you. If you don’t have the device or part yet, don’t fret! This service includes advice on which device or part will best suit your needs.

If all you need is a software installation, I can install it for you. This service includes advice on which software will best suit your needs.

If you need help with upgrading your operating system or installing a new one, I can help.


Want a brand new and unique computer?

I can build a brand new computer from scratch for you or a loved one. This service includes advice on which parts to use in the computer.


Do you want a backup solution so you can make sure your files are safe?

I can evaluate your backup needs, recommend the best solution, install it, and set it up for you.

Data Recovery

Has an important file gone missing? Has your computer stopped booting? Data recovery may be the best option to salvage your files before it’s too late.1

Malware Removal

Has something malicious taken root on your computer?

I can remove malware from your device and make sure it’s clean and back to normal.

1. Data recovery is not guaranteed. I cannot recover encrypted files or files from encrypted drives. It is not possible to perform the advanced data recovery service on solid state media. I cannot recover files from a physically inoperable, damaged, or destroyed drive.
2. Data preservation is not guaranteed with malware removal. If I am not able to disinfect a file, it may need to be deleted to disinfect the computer.