Privacy Policy

Honest Mike’s IT, LLC strongly believes in online privacy. As such, this website only collects the absolute bare minimum of information about you.

When you visit this site, your IP address and browser type will be recorded in regular web server logs. This is for security logging reasons and these logs will not be shared with any outside entities. This website uses CloudFlare as a security firewall and their privacy policy can be found here:

When contacting Honest Mike’s IT, LLC, the information entered is saved as an email. This information will not be disclosed to outside entities and will be stored for at least thirty days for record-keeping purposes.

Honest Mike’s IT, LLC may recommend outside services as a part of its services. These outside entities have their own privacy policies in addition to this one.

Honest Mike’s IT, LLC will not disclose any confidential information obtained through website access, support services, or technical services unless required by law or a court order. Honest Mike’s IT, LLC will not plagiarize confidential intellectual property obtained as a part of its services.